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How to disable when somebody reply from his email client, don't forward to other collaborators


We have a strange situation that we don't know how to resolve it.

A ticket, for example, with 2 collaborators: COL1 & COL2. Support write a response and COL1 replies to support.

In this situation Osticket forward automatically the reply to COL2 from support email. So, COL2 thinks that Support says this.

And... this is a dangerous situation when COL1 and COL2 aren't friends and COL1 writes bad things of COL2. COL2 receive automatically an email, from support!, with this bad things written.

How can i resolve this situation?

Thanks in advance!


  • Tell Col1 to be professional and not write bad things of Col2 in a work environment?  Seriously that sounds like an HR or staffing issue.  Or in the case or an external vendor or resource then tell them the same thing.

    As far as programmaticly doing this, you would need to ban the persons email address in osTicket, or setup some mail server rule to not deliver the email message.  That would also mean that they would not be able to email osTicket to open tickets though.

  • Hi ntozier,

    Thanks for your response. And not. This isn't possible.

    Write bad things is the most extrem example but the base is easy to understand. When Col1 writes something is strange than Col2 receives this text in our name when we don't write this.
  • I do not really have a further response to this.
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