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Importing from Excel

Is there a way or a mod to open multiple tickets from an excel sheet?

thank you


  • Not that I know of.
  • is there a site full of plugins and mods list with direct download. like more of a simple list than searching all over
  • This sounds like something that should be pretty simple to accomplish, I would probably do it as an application, unfortunately not played around enough with it in osTicket, just seen some examples.
    Do you have an idea of the format you'd want to use in the excel file?
  • edited March 11
    Micke1101 my mind thinking of basically the fields or any any field added the first line if the excel = the field name and it will impprt the full data from the spreedsheet

    I mean the export is there you would think you can reverse it easily
  • It's not a big task no, but it needs to be done correctly, when exporting you don't get the messages of the ticket, the custom fields or the events, you also don't have to worry about existance of the users the ticket belongs to.
    So if we just reversed an export you would get a lot of tickets with only the titles and potentially no user.
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