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Importing Users Variables

I am having an issue with a new server installation.

I am trying to do a mass import of users and generate their acompanying organisations if possible but I am unable to find a list of variables to add to the Contact Information form to fill out the organisation name etc. Please could I be pointed in the right direction?


  • From the import screen: "

    Import a CSV File

    Use the columns shown in the table below. To add more fields, visit the Admin Panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Contact Information page to edit the available fields. Only fields with `variable` defined can be imported."
  • Hi Ntozier,

    Thank you for your responce.

    We changed the variables before we understood how the import worked. Is there a list of all the variables I could look at?

  • edited March 9
    Admin Panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Contact Information page

    The variables are on the page that you go to to edit them.
  • They are not there because we changed them before we knew what we were doing. The original variables are gone, is there a list of the defaults?
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