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duplicate/repeat tickets

Is there a way to easily duplicate existing tickets? or create multiple ticket tickets at once?  There is work that needs to be done weekly and I would like to create multiple tickets at once or easily replicate a ticket.


  • I would think that the easiest way would be to write a script that uses the ticket open api, and then run it on whatever schedule you want it run on (daily, weekly, etc) via cron or windows task scheduler.

    I might have to write a plugin to do something like this... /adds that to his list of things to do.
  • I've never written a script that uses the open api.  Guess I'll wait until someone writes a plug-in.
  • There is duplicate functionality in the Merge Mod / Plugin by @Micke1101.

    I've tested the mod, and found it works well. I was a little concerning using the mod would mean I would have troubles later when updates to the OsTicket core came out later, in particular relating to the database change. However, the database change is minor and from memory, I found it could be add/removed without much trouble at all if you know what you are doing with MySQL databases.

    Development has started on changing this mod into a plugin, which should ease the worries about this not causing troubles when trying to upgrade OsTicket.

    And the forum discussion for it is here:

    Last I saw, this wasn't completely working yet, however you may want to check it out further to confirm this.

    Using the API might not be all that difficult either.
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