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Attachment Storage

I just installed OST v1.10.1 on a GoDaddy server. I have a feeling that eventually we will probably move to a dedicated server possibly with another hosting provider. A lot of our tickets will have attachments. Is it better to save the attachments in the DB or on the file system by using the plugin. What are the pros and cons of each?



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    So its been a while since I have looked at hosting like this, but here's thoughts for you:

    • Files in DB: Con: larger databases increase back up times
    • Files in DB: Con: larger database - some web hosts have artificially low DB maximum sizes and charge for going over that size.
    • Files in DB: Con: larger databases increase over all DB response times
    • Files in DB: Pro: slightly easier to back up with everything in one place
    I'm sure that there are more... but I haven't caffeinated yet today. /runs off to find a cup of tea
  • Ultimately, using a filesystem vs. a database is the way to go. However, if you have a use case that requires much higher security in how the images are stored or a low number of (small) images, then you should go with the database storage system.

  • Thanks! It does sound like file system storage is the way to go. I have installed the file system attachment Storage plugin and have configured and enabled it. However I'm concerned about backing the files up as they show up as hidden files that I cannot access. Has anyone else experienced this?
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