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Department Transfer Button Not Working

I built a brand new deployment of osTicket. I attached a screenshoot showing my issue. The department transfer button is blank and doesn't work. When I manually pull the URL from the insect tool in Google Chrome and try it that way it still doesn't let me transfer the ticket. I just deployed this server and I am still running default settings. I am just at a loss trying to figure out why this button is broken for me. I did test with PHP version 5.6.33 and that made no difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

osTicket Version: v1.10.1 (9ae093d)
Web Server Software: Microsoft-IIS/10.0
MySQL Version: 5.7.21
PHP Version: 7.2.3


  • "PHP Version: 7.2.3"

    osTicket does not support versions of PHP highter than 7.0.x at this time.
  • I changed over to PHP 7.0.28 but the transfer button is still blank and doesn't work.

    This is a fresh install running default settings. I am not sure why this button is giving me such a hard time.
  • I tried testing it with PHP 5.6.33 as well. I still have the same issue.
  • You restarted the webserver service after changing the version of PHP?

    I've never heard of anyone else ever having the issue that you are reporting.
  • I did restart the web server using the quick button in the IIS console when I took the screenshots earlier.

    So After reading your suggestion I used the services.msc console to restart the service. Plus I rebooted the server for good measure. I am still having the issue.

    If you never heard of anyone else having this issue then maybe I should jump ship from Microsoft IIS 10 (Windows Server 2016). I will rebuild the VM with Microsoft IIS 8.5 (Windows Server 2012 R2) and try again.
  • I run IIS 8.5 (Server 2012 R2) and PHP 7.0 currently.
  • edited March 7
    I also ran into this trouble.
    Firefox 58.0.2 for Ubuntu.

    But everything work under Chromium.
  • edited March 7
    Thank you for your time. I found the root cause of the issue.

    After troubleshooting the issue with a peer. We tracked the issue back to internal ad blocker security program that our security team updated a few weeks ago. After I got an exclusion for our URL added the transfer button started working for everyone again.

    I am not sure why this one button was the one affected by the ad blocker but I guess the world is just a funny place like that.
  • @caboose010101 I'm glad to hear that you got this figured out.  What program do you use for an 'internal ad blocker security program"?
  • The corporate firewall is a Fortigate but I am not sure of the rules they have configured.
  • Thanks I've heard of those devices.  I hadn't had a chance to play with one yet though. We're still using Sonic Wall.
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