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E-Mail Loop detected! Tell me where!

That's so annoying and in my eyes, there is no E-Mail-Loop! Tell me where?!?!
And if its detected, why not with more information????????

Here is my configuration:
Administrator E-Mail: helpdesk@...

Support-Department: System-Standard (
Maintenance-Department: System-Standard (support@...)
Support-Department: System-Standard (support@...)

Administrator ist also an agent.

So, where is the loop? Thats so frustrating!!!!


  • I'm not sure how you would expect us to tell you where the loop is.  We do not have access to your osTicket instance and your mail server.
  • Good Morning @ntozier. Thats why i wrote down the configuration.
    Any suggest?
  • What email is the sender and what email is receiving the email that is in a loop?
    Is it ticket content? ticket reply? mail server reply?
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