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OSTicket 1.10 stopped sending emails

Our OSTicket installation has stopped sending emails recently and I am at a loss as to why.  We didn't change any of the settings.  We have verified the credentials being used are good, and that the email settings are valid.  Running on RHEL 7.4.  I have updated PHP, but php --version says PHP 5.6 is running while OSTicket says it is using 5.4.  Not sure what is going on there.  The system logs say: 
Unable to email via php mail mail() returned failure.  

In /var/log/maillog, the error that appears is: 
Feb 27 11:44:36 osticket postfix/sendmail[25900]: fatal: open /etc/postfix/ Permission denied".  

I checked the permissions on that file and apache has read permissions on that file.  I tried giving apache full permissions but it had no effect so I changed them back.

Attached are some screenshots of important info.  


  • I don't think that osTicket 1.10.1 will run on PHP 5.4.  Please upgrade to 5.6.
    Remember that you can have multiple versions of PHP installed on the same server, so if you do make sure that osTicket is using the right one.

    The logs that you posted seem to indicate tht the local server that osTicket us hosted on cannot send mail.  osTicket only uses PHPmail if the connection to the remote server fails. And since PHPMail is also failing it seems likely that there is something preventing the server connection.  Perhaps a Firewall?  SELinux?
  • edited March 5
    I temporarily turned off SELinux and abracadabra the mail works again!  I'll have to look into how to get SELinux to allow that to work without turning it off completely, if possible.  If you have any suggestions in that regard, I'd love to hear them.
  • Sorry I do not use either of those.  But I imagine that their authors (or users) have written some how to's that you should be able to find via Father Google. :)
  • Try issuing this command:

    setsebool -P httpd_can_sendmail 1

  • I don't use abracadabra either, but I have been known to use the occasional alakazam or hocuspocus
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