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Canned response - Always first


Canned responses is always put at the beginning of the text field.

Before I upgraded to 1.10.x I could place the cursor in beteen any part of the text I had already written and insert a canned response. But now, I can't.

Can you fix this?

.\ Lars Olsen


  • I use canned response placement at the cursor 20-30 times a day... (I am running 1.10.1)
    So needless to say I cannot replicate the behavior that you are describing and asking to fix.
    It works in my two production environments, and my three test environments.
  • What can I say to that? It's how it is for me and my co-workers after upgrading to v10.1
  • Then i would 
    1. try a different web browser to see if its the one that I was using (we use Chrome).
    2. re-download the distribution archive from and over write my existing files.

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