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User login from URL

Hi! I´m new to OSTicket, so my apologies if this issue has been addressed before. I searched it in the forum for a while but couldn´t find specific info.

We run version  My intention is to login directly from the URL, sending the username and password in the URL itself.

I know it´s not safe and that the password will be sent in readable form, but in the environment we plan to implement this funcion, that´s acceptable.

Our usernames are emails, so there´s a "@" always included.

I have tried the "classics":



And none of them work... I never leave the login.php page. No error message at all.

I hope someone could guide me in this process.

Thanks in advance!!




  • is pretty old, but I don't remember it having the functionality that you are describing.
  • Thanks Ntozier!

    I´ve just made it work using some javascript (I am accessing the OSTicket system from an Android app that we are developing) but not from the URL. There´s no code for processing parameters in the php file. It could be modified to process the request via URL, but I don´t know what would happen on upgrades.

    The javascript sent to login.php is as follows:

    (function() {document.getElementById('username').value = 'yournamehere'; document.getElementById('passwd').value = 'yourpassword'; document.getElementsByClassName('btn')[0].click();})()

    I hope it´s useful to someone.

    Thanks and regards,


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