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How does the system knows that one mail has to open a new ticket or is from an allready existing one

Hi all,

I would like to know how does the OSticket system can know if it's needed to open a new ticket for a e-mail or it has to append the replies etc to an already existing ticket.
We're triying to connect our OSticket system with another ticket-system (not based in OSticket) and it would be great to know what does the OSticket system is looking at at the received messages to decide if open a new ticker or not.

Help on this issue would be much apreciated.

Best regards,


  • I dont fully know how it does it, but the TLDR; reference id, subject, message id and in-reply-to are all taken into account in different ways.

    More in depth:
    osTicket checks the emails message-id header field first and tries to compare it to existing message-ids.  Then it checks the reference-id and in-reply-to.  Lastly if all else fails it checks the message subject for the ticket number (like [#number]) to see if it matches an existing ticket.
  • Thanks a lot for your reply ntozier!
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