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Office 365 / Installation issues

Let me preface this by saying i am aware of the information which i will attach below, regarding microsoft's discontinued support of older security protocols.. I have used the work around suggestion of using a non office 365 server to forward to and have osticket poll from that, obviously this is not the ideal circumstance, and means that we can not reply to emails from customers from our main mail email address.

My question(s) is/are:

Is support for these alternative protocols going to be added to osticket in the future?

If plans to add these features are expected, how quickly is the update planned to be released?

I'm assuming as the microsoft roll out goes on many users will be coming to the boards with issues as their ticket systems will soon cease to function completely.

Thank you in advance for your replies.


Users cannot setup any of the email features using an MS Office 365 account, because the system doesn't support TLS/ STARTTLS encryption protocol. The TLS 1.2 protocol has become mandatory (announced by Microsoft in December 2017 with the implementation date on March 1, 2018) as MS is phasing out support for previous protocols TLS1.0, TLS 1.1.

Steps to Reproduce

Hostname |
Port Number |  995
Mail Box Protocol | — Select protocol:   IMAP + SSL ; IMAP ; POP + SSL ; POP

Expected behavior: Normally, an POP + TLS should also exist
Actual behavior: There are no 'TLS' options



  • "and means that we can not reply to emails from customers from our main mail email address."
    We installed the smtp service on one of our windows servers and use it as a relay, and use our work email addresses with osTicket just fine (for clarity sake we migrated our on prem Exchange server to Exchange 365 some time ago). If your local mail instance wont let you send email using your o365 address then it is configured wrong.

    As far as addressing the no TLS:
    Have you tried prefixing with the protocol that you wish to use ssl:// or tls:// and specifying the correct port?
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