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Button links only working on the image and not the actual button

Recently just updated to osTicket 1.10.1.

For the transfer and edit buttons on the view ticket page. The buttons only work if you are click the image, and the rest of the button is non functional.


  • The place to report reproducible bugs/issues is github.
  • Hi,

    I've resolved this now. I got rid of the span and moved it's class' over to the <a> element in the file in /include/staff/

    <span class="action-button pull-right"><a data-placement="bottom" data-toggle="tooltip" title="<?php echo __('Edit'); ?>" href="tickets.php?id=<?php echo $ticket->getId(); ?>&a=edit"><i class="icon-edit"></i></a></span>

    <a class="action-button pull-right" data-placement="bottom" data-toggle="tooltip" title="<?php echo __('Edit'); ?>" href="tickets.php?id=<?php echo $ticket->getId(); ?>&a=edit"><i class="icon-edit"></i></a>

    That is for the edit button but the process is the same for transfer aswell.

    Just add the span classes into the href and remove the spans and job's a good'un
  • There is a PR to fix this also:

    From a brief comparison between this and your code it looks like the ticket.view part is pretty much exactly the same.

    The PR makes some additional changes to a templates/tickets-actions.tmpl.php file too.

    Thanks for putting this up this fix, I think it is good for everyone to have these little improvements.
  • Thanks for the comment.

    I was just about to mention that the mass delete and transfer buttons were having the same issue and i couldn't figure out which file affects those buttons.
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