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Add new features on OSTicket

Hi everyone !

For my internship i have to upgrade the actual version of OSTicket for my company (v1.7) to the lastest version and they want to add some new features but i don't find anything up-do-date about that.

The new features are:

- add a new tab "Pending Client", "Pending Provider", "Pending Solution"  and "Solved" (and be able to add whatever we want) for the tickets.


- have a cost management per employee according to the time spent on the tickets.

- open a ticket automatically when we recieve a mail to the support address and have a follow-up of the mails sent and received in the body of the ticket automatically.

Thank you for helping !


  • First off i'd say make a backup of the database and the actual folders and setup a test version so you can experiment with to get it the way they want it (just make sure to document the changes so that you can do it in the real one :))

    • Upgrading shouldn't be much of a concern as you pretty much just copy and paste the new files over the old files and then load the upgrader (might need to do a middle version seeing as 1.7 is getting old) but it will also depend on if there are any modifications to core.
    • Creating those queues will require some modifications to core files either you can do them hardcoded or you could use the custom queue feature (it's rumored to be included in 1.11)
    • Here's a pull request for keeping track of time co-workers spend on each ticket: (tagged with 1.11 so should be included there)
    • Automaticly creating tickets from mails is a built in feature already and users responses to mails sent from the system will be added to the correct ticket.
    Good luck with the internship :)
  • I have a slightly modified version of the NickTheITGuys "On-Hold" mod which might be similar to what you are after the for extra tabs.

    If you are doing lots of OsTicket development and are comfortable with Vagrant and Ansible you might want to check out my OsTicket Dev Environment setup here:

  • Thank you for your advices !

    - I will try the customisation ticket queues thanks :)

    - This is already built in my company version but i need something more advanced that really look like a cost management to know how much as cost the ticket resolution (i don't know if it's hard to code, if it's basic i can try, i'm not a developer but i don't dislike coding (if it's not too hard and not too long) :p).

    - Ok i will check, it's a feature built in the v7 or only in the v10 ?
  • edited February 20

    Anyone know if i can have the custom queue feature ( in OSTicket 1.10?

    Because i have installed this on a VM (this one: and it seems really great !

    Thanks a lot :)!
  • edited February 20
    I would recommend that you use the custom queue feature [that you linked] on 1.10. :)
    I haven't tried it on 1.10.1 yet, but it should work okay for that also.
  • Do you know which files i have to change on the 1.10 to have the custom queue ? Or how i proceed to integrate that on a OSTicket 1.10?

    I tried to upgrade the linked version to osticket 1.10 but i can't :

    It means there is no solution to get it on OSTicket 1.10 or i have to change manually the files ?
  • edited February 21
    You would go to git hub.  You would get the changes.  You would make them.
    You would want to review all the comments in the thread.
    I haven't tried it since it came out.

    edited note: dyslexic me had reversed a couple words
  • Hello !

    I finally tried to include the custom version from 1.8git to the 1.10.1 version but it don't work (nothing run when i click on the settings->ticket->queues)

    I asked which files i had to change on the git (because i think i copied files i don't needed).
  • The pull request (PR) for the feature lists all the files that you need to edit to add the feature.
    You have to add it manually (or use github to merge the PR to your own clone of the repo)

    Downloading the current develop-next from github does not include the feature last I checked.
  • Hi everyone,

    i just newbie in osticket. When i need to ask something to a client that not related with a ticket, & the trigger is from me, not a client, then i must monitor their respond; can osticket handle it? 
  • @harry7210 your question does not appear to have anything in common with the topic of this thread.  Please do not hijack other peoples threads and start your own.
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