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When new version cames and what kind of implementation we can spect ?

Hello everybody is a pleasure to be part of this community for along 5 yers.

I was looking for some mods and I prefer to wait some of then be part of the core os osticket.

So  anyone knows when new version cames and what kind of implementation we can spect ?


  • edited February 17
    The devs seem to be the only ones who know when they plan to release the next version and what it will contain, there has been a suggestion on the forum that there will be a update or a patch in Q1 of 2018 but that's not confirmed.

    If you look on the github page under the milestone 1.11 you can find the following features
    • Emoji support
    • Time tracking
    • Timezone fixes
    • Advanced search fixes
    • Further work on translations

    In the forums and on github there has been alot of requests that would be solved with the custom queue feature that has also been rumored to be included in 1.11

    Looks like there will not be any additions to the api:

    But as i've already pointed out these are only speculations based on what info is available, we don't know what will come and when it will.
  • Micke1101 is correct.  
  • how tks a lot for your quickly answer Mike 1101 and Ntozier .

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