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Cron /usr/bin/php /api/cron.php

PHP Warning:  mysqli::query(): MySQL server has gone away in /include/mysqli.php on line 192
PHP Warning:  mysqli::query(): Error reading result set's header in /include/mysqli.php on line 192
PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'InconsistentModelException' with message 'Unable to prepare query: MySQL server has gone away SELECT A1.* FROM `ost_email` A1 WHERE A1.`email_id` = '0'' in /include/class.orm.php:3134
Stack trace:
#0 /include/class.orm.php(3180): MySqlExecutor->execute()
#1 /include/class.orm.php(1771): MySqlExecutor->getArray()
#2 /include/class.orm.php(1815): ModelInstanceManager->{closure}()
#3 /include/class.orm.php(1794): CallbackSimpleIterator->next()
#4 /include/class.orm.php(1803): CallbackSimpleIterator->rewind()
#5 /include/class.orm.php(1463): CallbackSimpleIterator->valid()
#6 /include/class.orm.php(1480): CachedResultSet->fillTo(9223372036854775807 in /include/class.orm.php on line 31

Just started getting the above emails.  The server has been actively running for several years.  I updated the system to latest 1.10.1 on Centos 7.  Based on my very limited knowledge, I see the above script is looking for the email id 0 in the ost_email table.  I have 3 emails configured with id's 1,2,3 respectively.  I have no email with the id=0 thus the error popping up.  

To solve this, can I just change my main system email which is id=3 to id=0 or is that going to mess something else up??

Any help would be appreciated.  thanks


  • There is no id 0 in any of my installations (2 production and 3 tests).  A quick check by looking at the other tables that have an index and none of them start with a 0 either.

    I think that its getting a zero because of the error that you skipped over... 
    "PHP Warning:  mysqli::query(): MySQL server has gone away in /include/mysqli.php on line 192"
    which then caused the next query to not have a value for id.

    Googling this error lead me to this:

    Where someone recommends "All I had to do was add mysqli.reconnect = "1"to my php.ini."

    If it were me I would try that.
  • I tried it and I still get the same error messages.  

    I found

    It looks like the issue got closed but no resolution listed. 
  • try creating a record 0 and see if it lets you (I dont think that it will).  But even if it does fix this, I think that your bound to continue to have issues since the mysql server should not go away...
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