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dont apply languaje pack correctly

i change the lenguaje from admin panel -> settings to spanish but it dont apply to all the app just for tags. it was working correctly but i dont know what happened, thanks in advanceimage

As you can see only the little popup with the description is in spanish
and this is the languaje folder:


  • The translation feature has never been finished, and if I remember correctly reached phase 3 of 4.  

    That being said clear your browser cache, and ensure that your agent account profile has that listed as your language.
  • edited February 14
    Thanks for your help
    i have cleaned the cache and i tried from different browser but seem not work, i think i installed a plugin before it crashed
    is there a way that i can comprobe the state of the languaje using database or something like that
    system logs not displays nothing about errors with langs
  • disable all plugins.
    Make sure that your code isn't modded.
    See if the problem goes away.

    Check the web browser (developer tools for your browser) to see if you are getting any errors there.
  • ty ntozier, i didn´t solve it so i decided to roll back a version
  • Okies. :)
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