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No Collaborators created from mail's CC

Dear Support,

we're running osTicket 1.10 and we found an issue with the parsing of the mail header looking for Collaborators in the TO and CC fields.

Sometimes the mail address as written in the header breaks the parsing.  Here are two cases we found:


CC: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Michele_Galat=E0?= <>(That's me, my surname has the accented letter "à" after the "t")


CC: "''"

(My guess is that the double quotes are breaking the parsing in this case)

When this happens, no Collaborators are added, not even those with a parseable address.

The way the address is written depends on the mail client who sent the mail, so I think the only possible solution is to fix the parsing.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Michele Galatà


  • This is not something that I have seen before but it sounds like a bug.  You might want to report it at:

    You should include the version of osTicket, version of PHP, and if you know what email client is being used to send with.  They might also ask for a copy of the email (with full email headers) so that they can test.
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