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custom create user and login for integration in a existing système/website


i have already a system of website, program, license with more than 10000 users and i want my user be logged in OSTicket when they are logged in website or/and can use same user/pass than website for login in OSTicket.

A lot already ask it and i see API can't be used for that, i have found plugin for auth ( but i use my own system so i have to write it and i want to know if someone already create plugin for auth like this or have link for other so i can use them for find the better way for my system.

Before using OSTicket i have used PHPBB with a PHP class for create/update/login/disconnect user but i want something like OSTicket functionnality.

I search since more than 7days and i have not found so many code but a lot of topics for this subject.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • If someone else has created it and shared it then it would be here in the forums (Mods and Customizations).  That being said I do not recall anyone releasing anything like that.  You ought to be able to grab one of the existing auth plugins and use it as a sort of template to roll your own solution.
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    thanks for the answer, i found this :
    maybe i can modify them for use it with my system.
    I don't know enough OSTicket i must learn plugin creation and possibility
  • Please note that those are unofficial plugins released by 3rd parties.  While they are probably okay to use you would contact their authors for support.
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