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Ticket Number displayed on "User Directory Page" not consistent

On the page "User Directory" are the users with the respective number of tickets listed.
Unfortunately the listed number of tickets on this "User Directory" page ist not consistent with the actual number of the tickets, which can be seen in the detail view of the user (or on the ticket list page)
(e.g. according to the "User Directory page" I should have 1 Ticket, but when I open the detail screen of the user, there is no ticket listed.

After the new install, the system worked well, until I adjusted (deleted and new create) master data like "department" and "helptopic"
After the adjustment some of the originally created tickets were not visible in the ticket list view any more. 
In parallel the things got inconsistent according to the description in the PROBLEM section. 

How can I restore consistency?

see Server Information below
Server Information
osTicket Versionv1.10.1 (9ae093d) —  Up to date
Web Server SoftwareApache/2.4.29 (Unix)
MySQL Version5.6.37
PHP Version5.6.33


  • I believe that the number by the name is the correct (and total) number.
    And then when you drill down to look at them you see only the ones that your account has access to see.

    I just checked my installation and I do not see a difference... but I also have access to every ticket in every department.
  • I feel, that my situation is slightly different 
    1) Before I deleted/added some of the "help topics" and "departments" osticket worked. (I am the only agent and assigned all tickets to me.)
    2) I assume, that the tickets, which had been assigned to e.g. departments which I deleted, are still "counted" on the overview but are not "pulled" in the detailed view. 
    Neither I am able to search for these old department tickets on the ticket view
  • When you say that you assigned all tickets to you, do you mean at the database level you assigned all tickets to you?  Because I'm donweing if you ahve tickets taht are "departmentless" right now in the DB because you deleted some Help Topcis and Departments.
  • I have not worked on the DB level. On the application level I have assigned the tickets to me. I assume, that your statement is right and some of these tickets, where I changed the department are now "departmentless" in the database. 
    Therefore these tickets do not show up again after search in the ticket view. I assume however, that these "departmentless" tickets still count on the user directory view.
  • You would have to look at your db directly and try to figure that out. :)
  • well I feared that, but without understanding the table structure I might end up with a corrupted DB. Any advice?
  • Q: Any advice?
    A: Yes, back up your database first
  • Always back up your database before you go mucking around in it (that includes upgrading the core software, etc) is honest the best advice I can give you.  Do not be afraid to look at the data.  Just looking won't break anything.
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