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auto-response not sent to one organization (others are OK)


As in the subject - we have a problem that osticket 1.9.12 is not sending auto-response to one of our customers. There is no log on e-mail server regarding an attempt to send auto-response. Every other activity - reply to a ticket etc. works fine. Only auto-response and only to that specific customer is not working.

I don't know what to do, can't find any osticket logs for that kind of activity. System log show no errors, set to debug level. Connection is made by SMTP.

OS is Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS.

Please help.


  • edited January 29
    v1.9.12 is pretty old.  Please upgrade to at least the current in that tree and test again.

    Although i would find it likely that if a single User us not getting the email and all the others are, thjat the problem is the user is blocking the email, or its ending up getting stopped by their spam firewall or email providers spam firewall.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for reply.

    As I mentioned - the problem is with one organization (~200 users with the same @domain) and there is no activity log on our SMTP server when auto-response should be sent (the should be some sort of log osticket connecting and trying to send a message but there is none).

    Is there really no other idea than upgrade to check what's going on ?
  • I mean you could setup a packet sniffer (like wireshark) to see if the mail is being sent... but if the mail works for everyone else... and not just this one customer then I would have them make sure that they have you whitelisted.
  • OK, but why should they whitelist me ?

    On my e-mail server there is no single log regarding attempt to send e-mail with autoresponse to the @domain. (no SMTP & authentication log).
    So, it must be osticket system not even trying to send the autoresponse. The question is why and how to resolve this issue.
  • You specifically said that it only does not work for one customer.
    If it works for everyone else then wouldn't it make the most sense that its being sent and blocked?
    Have you setup a packet sniffer to find out?
    It's not like osTicket cares that you one customs domain is different from the others.
    Well unless you have all tiockets from that Org route to a specific department and configured the department to not send emails.
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