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Tickets keep the assigned agent after you reassigned to a team

After ticket have been assigned to an agent, this agent remains assigned after you reassign the ticket to a team, the system does not clear out the agent from the ticket.
Agent do not want to keep the ticket is their list of ticket after they reassigned to a team, there are several reasons, ie when a ticket was wrongly assigned to a agent. 


  • The agent can release the ticket its option in the menu above the ticket. Or they can just wait until another agent from that team claims the ticket. 

  • Ticket has to be released the team only, we do not want to keep any staff (agent) in the assignation, so any team member will take care of the ticket.

  • exactly so release the ticket (unassigned) it will show unassigned but in that team's queue. 
  • Sorry my misunderstanding, but I cannot see any (unassigned) option in the drop down menu. Do you have a screenshot ?
    I am using V1.10.1 stable

  • Unassign is limited to Department Managers.
  • That explains only why I see it nobody else can lol Sorry @jbarnoh
  • Thank you for the information. It would be great for automatic clear the current assigned agent out when this reassign a ticket to a team, there are several reasons such a wrong assignations, teams where the agent doe not belong, etc.
  • You could give this PR a shot:

    I have it applied in production however never really stopped to check if it works exactly as wished for.

  • Thank you for you reference pcjkollmorgen . I will try it next week on test.
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