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assign expiration/locked date to customer accounts

Is it possible that you can have the options to assign expiration/locked date on the customers accounts ?

In software business, we will sometimes deactivate the customer's account when their maintenance is expired. Now we have to go through all the customers account every once for a while by human beings. Also, if it can inform the customers as well as the agent too about the expiration, that will be very helpful for maintaining accounts.

S-Y. Chen 


  • You would probably have to make a plugin that will trigger on cron job.
    How should the plugin know what the expiration date is?
  • edited February 26
    That is why you will need a field in the account data for expiration date or other info.

    Is is possible for the development team to add that ?

  • Q: Is is possible for the development team to add that ?

    A: You can add any custom fields that you want.  You do not need the Dev team to add them, just go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Contact Information.
  • but how can i have the system automatically lock the account when it is expired ?
  • You would have to create a custom script that runs with cron. that checks if the account is expired and locks the account.
  • any good example I can follow or refer to ?
  • I would search the forums
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