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New Ticket

I have manage to hide most of the field in the new ticket form

1) how to removed the pop new user search
2) how to remove the code searching for the email "name"... 
my server is too slow, it takes around 8sec to load the name
3) auto display the new ticket form (basically subject and message)
without selecting help topic. optional so long as it does not search
for the email "name"

using 1.10.1


  • removed the following code
    seemed to have solved #1
    no more popup search... (bottom last part)
        // Popup user lookup on the initial page load (not post) if we don't have a
        // user selected
        if (!$_POST && !$user) {?>
        setTimeout(function() {
          $.userLookup('ajax.php/users/lookup/form', function (user) {
            window.location.href = window.location.href+'&uid=';
        }, 100);
        } ?>

    for #2 thinking of changing possition of email with help topics
    or if someone could point me out how to show the ticket form
    without selecting help topic... 

    or question? should it?
    becuase maybe if I select a different topic an different form will appear?
    is that it?
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