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Calendar date picking is duplicating day since 2018 on custom forms

I'm not sure if this is a osticket issue or Operating System issue but I have found the issue and how to band aid it.

When the Time zone date and format settings are set to advanced, but nothing is changed like the photo below

This is the outcome when trying to pick a date on a custom form with date and time selector


The solution is to change the Time zone date and format to locale defaults


  • @B14CK_H4WK

    Are you using IIS by chance? You should be using the format "MM/d/y" instead of "MM/dd/y" in order for the day not to duplicate itself. See PHP's date format documentation here.

  • @KevinTheJedi No I am using ubuntu server with Plesk Panel installed on it. I could try "MM/d/y" and see what happens but ironically "MM/dd/y" is the default setting once you chose advanced.
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