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Mail Sending Error

Hello All,

I have a conundrum, I have set osTicket to use SMTP for sending mails, and have an account ( set up. When I do a test mail, mails from to other email accounts on e.g ( delivers successfully, but mails to outside domain (let's use GMAIL as an example) gives the following:

Unable to email via php mail mail() returned failure

Can someone explain why the php mail function is still being used even after I have specified in Email--->settings--->Outgoing Email that the Default MTA should be

Thanks for your help.


  • My understanding is that this is a fall back mechanism of osTicket especially for sending notifications to the admin (like error messages that an used email account or server is not reachable or is making trouble). 
  • But it is not sending to any other domain asides my domain.

  • edited December 2017
    I only explained why there is a second mechanism which tries to send an email even when you specified an an email account for sending with smtp. But I think you would like to know why you have problems sending some mails with with that account.

    That you have not asked yet ;-)

    Could it be that you are doing things that are not allowed on this mail server (maybe only within your domain) ?
    Maybe it helps when you are showing the setup for the smtp account you are using..

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