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[MOD] Advanced Search more quickly with Ticket count

We have created a mod that creates a advanced search tab a syncs with
the built in saved search option in osticket currently. This mod will
list the amount of tickets the query will return before running it. And
you can switch between saved search very quickly like this. I attached a
zip with the modified files as well as where each of them goes. This
works with OS Ticket 1.10


  • edited December 2017
  • Mod is below
  • I tried this on v1.10.1 and it did not work, Advance search not showing, my setup is fresh install no other MOD have been done

    I replaced as you have it in instruction:
    *New Files*

    *Replace Exisiting Files*

    Any idea why?  I am trying to understand the structure of osTicket, without modifying the core, so when I upgrade in future, stuff doesn't break Thanks
  • I haven't tested on 1.10.1 but theres nothing stopping this from working in 1.10.1 based on the files changed in 1.10 to 1.10.1. You will not see the advanced search tab until you save a search, by clicking advanced next to the default osticket search box and saving a search via there.
  • Very good job much great
    Realy thanks
  • edited January 30

    I tried your Mod, and I have this issue.
    I can't delete saved Advanced Search that null name (empty saved name).

    Can you Help me ?

  • tomzquad I came across this thread and just found this on github that will enable you to delete those empty searches.

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