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Add a filter to a list

Hi experts, need some help with the fields added in a list, the thing is that i´m trying to obtain an item from a list just by typing on a text field when a user opens a ticket, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


  • @pacolopz I'm sorry but I have no idea what you mean...could you please provide screenshots and a little more details on what you are trying to accomplish? Cheers.
  • Hi @KevinTheJedi

    first of all I created a List called Cliente -
    This is what i'm trying to do, when a ticket is being filled, 
    Select a Help Topic, then i need to filter the list Cliente on the field named Codigo Cliente
    Like the next image

    code: C-AG001

    The tickets are filled internally, that why i need to insert the client and the product, I am not sure if it is possible...
    Thanks in advance


  • I don't follow you. But I can tell you that you should not muck with you the built in email address field.  You will break all kinds of things.
  • Hi @ntozier, i'm not using the email field, is just an example of what i´m trying to do, when a user open a ticket on the client page, I can use a dropdown, but the list is to long, it becomes easily if i just only type a part of the item on the list and chose the correct item.

  • Ohhhhh. I get you now. Okay, so go to Admin Panel > Manage > Forms > click the form that the field is on > click Config next to the field that is a list, change 'Widget:' to Typeahead, and Save Changes. Now go back, create a ticket and start typing a list option in the field and you should get results like the email field. I hope this helps! Cheers.
  • @KevinTheJedi Brooo.... You are awesome, thanks

    may the force be with you
  • @pacolopz

    The force is strong with this one lol No problem broh. Have a great day! Cheers.
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