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"Inactive" end-users

Hi there.

Is there any way to make end-users "inactive" so they don't show up in the autocomplete? I don't want to delete the user for historical reasons, but when students graduate and employees move on, I no longer want them to show up when creating a ticket.

What is the proper way to handle these stale end-users? It would be great to have them auto-inactivate after a certain period of time.

I'm currently on 1.9.12 and we are likely going to upgrade to 1.10.x in the next couple months.



  • Hmm, good idea. After using it for years we've accumulated quite a number of users, however we also don't want agents being asked to create new users for existing ones only to have that fail because they didn't come up in the list.. might be worthwhile sorting the list by recent activity.
  • One of my situations is that I have an employee named Jane Doe and a long-graduated student named Janey Doe, with different email addresses. It's easy to type jd in the user box and fat-finger the wrong end-user.

    Again, I don't want to delete tickets or users that are no longer around. Ideally, I could flag users in bulk or by hand or after a set amount of time so they wouldn't show up in the quickpick. If they happen to resubmit a ticket, they would be "active" again. There's certainly the case where I have a freshman submit one ticket, but they are still around for four years and I'll hear from them a lot as a junior. Or a teacher who I hear from once at the start of the year, then not for months because they are low-maintenance.

    Are there others using OSticket in K12 or education? How do you handle this situation?

    Is there a better forum for a more formal feature request?
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    I hope you were helped here with the issue. I’m a tutor and would be nice to have such ticket system in the college so it’s an actual question. By the way, I receive a lot of educational help requests and the most popular of them relate to essay tasks. But I have an answer in my hw help blog (LINKremovedBYmoderator)
  • I removed what appeared to be a spam link in your post @browlizabeth
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