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Mod the agent phone form's format

Hi , i would like to know if i can modify the number format (from the default , american , to italian , that don't use parenthesis and dashes) and , if it's possibile , how?
thanks in advance.


  • edited November 2017
    Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

    Version of osTicket?
    Have you installed the Italian language pack?
    Lastly, have you tried changing the Display Format on the field? (admin panel -> Manage -> forms -> phone number -> config
  • edited November 2017
    Version of osTicket : v1.10.1
    yes , i have installed the italian language pack.
    yes , i have changed the Display Format in the field but , the fields , allows me to change only forms in the user account , not in the agents one

    as you can see in the attachment , i have the phone number (052) 267-6767 but, every time that i change it to "0522676767" it modify it to the current format , if it's not possibile to modfiy this setting , which file i should modify?

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