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Using same login for multiple shared mailboxes

I would like to set up multiple shared mailboxes on my Office365 server for different osTicket departments.  Shared Mailboxes on Exchange and O365 don't have their own usernames and passwords to login to them, they are logged into by users that have read/send access granted to them.  Unfortunately, osTicket doesn't let you set up two mailboxes with the same login, which I don't understand. 

For Example:, and are all Shared Mailboxes on the server.  Each could be set up to automatically assign the correct Department and Help Topic based on the email address alone. is a user account has permission to read and send-on-behalf on all three mailboxes, but I can only set up my osTicket instance to log into one of these with that user; setting up a second account returns the error "Host/userid combination already in use."

Is there a way to do this that I'm not seeing, or is this just an arbitrary limitation that could be removed?


  • "Shared mailboxes" are an Microsoft Exchange bug.... I mean feature. Your problem is with Microsoft "shared mailboxes" and you cannot currently use them with osTicket.  It needs a dedicated email account.
  • No, that's not what I'm trying to say.  I have a dedicated email account, and I'm using it to log into a Shared Mailbox just fine - no issues sending, receiving or processing emails.  My problem is with osTicket - when I try to add a second email account using the same login, it gives me the "Host/userid combination already in use." error.  This is an osTicket error and occurs before it even goes out to the email server to test the login.
  • A shared mailbox is a Microsoft Exchange feature that allows multiple users to send and receive email using the same log in. As I said you cannot currently use them with osTicket, and since they are both insecure, and violate HIPAA regulations I highly doubt that you ever will be able to do so.
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