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Automatic Ticket Closure

I'm sure this has been discussed at length, but I can't find anything definitive.  

I want OSTicket to email a user after 2 weeks of them not replying, telling them the ticket will be closed in 7 days if they don't reply.  I then want it to close 7 days later if they haven't replied.  

Is there a way of doing this currently?  If not, is it likely to be implemented any time soon?



  • I don't believe this is possible with the default setup but you could probably do this with a modified version of @Grizly s autocloser plugin:
  • edited November 2017
    With some settings you could do that with the Autocloser plugin.

    Settings group 1: Open tickets with no activity for 14 days, send notice and change status to Pending (make a new status for this)
    Settings group 2: Pending tickets with no activity for 7 days, send closure notice and change status to Closed.

    If they get to Pending it won't automatically put them back when/if they comment though, you could try using the status option "allow reopen" and select Open as the new status for it. That might work, haven't tried.
  • Great, thanks!
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