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Not getting ERROR alerts

Hi Guys,

I'm not getting any mail when there is an ERROR or ALERTS in the System Logs (/scp/logs.php)

The Admin email is set and the alert settings are configured to use WARN

I am stuck as to what to do... and company policy does not allow us to upgrade as yet, so no need to tell me that....




  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

    Version of osTicket?
    PHP error logs?
    Mailserver error logs?
  • wow, i added 3 attachements, but now i dont see them in my original post, sorry... will add now again... PHP

    PHP errors log dont show anything
    neither do mailserver error logs



  • "and the alert settings are configured to use WARN"
    This is not a thing?  Default Log level can be WARN.  What this does is determine the type of logging done to the system log.  It has nothing to do with Alert settings.

    What are your Alerts and Notices set to for System Alerts?

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Alerts and Notices - > System Alerts.

  • All option are selected...


    Set to WARN now, but i can also set to DEBUG so i get my 5 minutes AUTOCRON messages, but even these dont get sent to me...
  • Ummmm... Neither WARN nor DEBUG are ERRORs.
  • Ok, I get what your saying. But... when I get a db error or a mail error in the system logs... these are classed as ERROR... as it says ERROR next to the entry.... and I do NOT get these in my mail box


  • This works in my installation.  
    Are other system emails being sent?
    Have you checked the PHP error log?
    Have you checked your mailservers logs to see if its getting the email?
    Have you checked your SPAM box and/or Spam Fire Wall?
  • If by other system mails you mean like ticket creation notices and so on, then yes, they work fine. As do ticket assignment mails and so on.

    No errors on Php logs

    Nothing relevnt in mailserver logs

    Nothing in spam

    It’s like it not being triggered to send, only add entry to the system logs



  • I'm not sure then as this works on my system and you ahve no logs or errors to point us in any direction.

  • thanks so far... how can i fake an ERROR, so i can test ?
  • OK, i think i worked it out... my mail server is on a diferent machine... and all mails goes through there...

    The System Logs (ERROR mail sending) used SENDMAIL correct?

    I do not have SENDMAIL installed on my Ubuntu machine....

    So: Either Install SENDMAIL or I change ERROR mails to use my mailserver... (how to do that?)


  • I do not think that the alerts use php mail... unless the rest of the emails are set up to also use php mail.  Its a setting in Admin panel -> Emails -> Settings -> Outgoing Email.  Default MTA.
  • Yeah that is set to one of the SMTP emails I have configured. But still Alerts that cause ERROR entries in the system log are looking on my local server for sendmail.


  • Can you provide the sendmail error?
    I'll pass this along to the devs to take a look at.
  • Yeah, will grab it tomorrow and send it over. Left the office for now.
  • SOME INFO: I changed my SMTP mail server to reject attachments over 500kb (OSTicket is set to 8Mb)
    Doing this, OSTicket will throw an ERROR in the systems logs with the below...

    Error seen in System Logs

    log entry from tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log


    If i install sendmail then the email above does get sent (no warning about php mail function) but the "Unable to email via SMTP" ERROR is seen in the system logs.... but the strange thing is that it DOES send the mail and the receipient gets it... ignoring the SMTP attachement size limit...

    Either with or without sendmail.. i do NOT get an email when a System log ERROR appears...

    The default MTA is set to one of my listed emails... (which does work and send me mails about other things)

    Hope you understand, let me know if you need anything else...


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