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Delete old tickets in versionv1,10

edited November 2017 in General Discussions

We are using os ticket for some years now.
Since sometime it is getting really slow sometimes.
I like to delete old tickets but couldn't find an option for it.

Can anyone help how i can do this?



  • Click on Closed tickets.
    tick that check boxes of the tickets taht you want to delete.
    Click the delete button. 

    hint #1: it looks like a trash can
    hint #2: If you do not see the delete button then your agent account does not have the Delete permission at Admin panel -> your agent account -> Permissions
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your help.
    I found this option but it takes a long time to delete a mass of old tickets.
    Is there another way? Button or script?
  • You could definitly make a small script that would do this for you.

    Or maybe even automate the process on cron, for example you could make a plugin where you set any ticket that is 1 year old+ and have the status closed should be deleted or maybe tickets that have been closed for 1 year would be better?
  • There is no other way of doing this in the UI.

    You could do it at the database level, but it would either involve a lot queries or one really complicated one since you would have to make sure that you got the ost_ticket entry, the ticket_thread, the form entries, the attachments, etc.
  • oke then the only solution is to do it manually.
  • I find it is an elegant way to use the filesystem plugin. That makes it possible to migrate the tickets from the database to the filesystem. Or you can delete tickets in one rush with defined criteria:
  • Just noticed that @Grizly s autocloser could be a good base for if you wanted to clean out old tickets
  • @Micke1101 good idea mate, add a delete option.

    Or you could use my archiver plugin, which deletes tickets.
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