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Ticket Subscription

There are some way to subscribe a specific ticket and get email notifications when that ticket is modified?



  • I think this is not a feature of osTicket at the moment. But such a ticket observing mode sounds nice. Maybe this is a good feature request for github..
  • Technically @mfelber is correct, but you can add the person as a collaborator to the ticket to achieve similar functionality.
  • tks.. and where in this version can i add someone as a collaborator? 

  • You haven't told us what version your using so answering that would be a little difficult.

    You can probably go to the ticket, and scroll down and click Add Recipients, which is to the right of the Collaborators label.
  • true.. i forgot to tell that.

    I'm using the 1.9.12 version, at this time i can upgrade or do a clean install with minimum impact.

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