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export to CSV issue

Hi, everyone. Right now, I am using OSticket v1.10 my clients have created/generated/raised several tickets and our agents are replying to/closing those tickets successfully.   Every month one of our staff exports closed tickets (to CSV format), for the whole month and sends them for billing.  The issue/problem arises here. Our staff is able to export (to CSV by clicking on the 'Export' link at the bottom of the 'Tickets' page) all the tickets from agent panel - agent is also admin here - [ Open(1759) Answered(211) MyTickets(211) Overdue(1894) Closed ]  the number of 'Closed' tickets is not displayed, but when clicked on the 'Closed' link at the top of the page the Tickets are being listed and at this point (closed tickets list) if clicked on 'Export' link an error occurs: A blank page some times with '504 Gateway Time-out
The server didn't respond in time' message and at some times 'Page Not Found' error. This happens only with Osticket v1.10. 

What could be the problem? I'm confused coz the Tickets (irrespective of number of tickets) from other links '
Open - Answered - MyTickets - Overdue' are being exported to CSV without any problem/issue. The issue is only with 'Closed' tickets link and its listing page. Please suggest, are we doing anything wrong here, or is it a problem/bug with v1.10?


  • "504 Gateway Time-out"

    This generally means that the server didn't provide an answer to a query on a timely basis.  You should check the [unknown] webserver logs and php error logs to see if there is anything being logged.

    It could be that the request is taking too long and you are running up against the [unknown] webnserver TimeOut setting, or PHP's max_execution_time directives.  
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    Thank you ntozier...

    Tickets (irrespective of number of tickets) from other links 
    are being exported to CSV perfectly without any problem/issue.

    I do not understand WHY "server didn't provide an answer to a query on a timely basis" only to 'Closed' tickets.
    In fact, our 'Overdue(1800+)' tickets and 'Open(1900+)' tickets are MORE than the 'Closed' tickets and they are working/exporting to CSV perfectly...does that mean the "server's providing timely basis answer" applies only to 'Closed' tickets???

    No hurry, I will check all the error logs and will get back to you...thanks again.
  • Then I do not have any ideas.
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