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https and pipe.php?

osTicket v1.9.8.1

Recently hosting company redirected to to
Everything works great except the email creation of tickets using the forwarder

Is there something that has to be changed in pipe.php in order to work with https?



  • I've never tried to do this (SSL w/ Piping), so I'm not sure what it involves other than configuring the server for https, and installing the SSL cert.  
    Have you changed the HelpDesk URL in osTicket?  
    Have you checked the PHP error logs?  
    Have you checked the [unknown] webserver error logs?
  • Thanks notzier! After much back and forth, tech support couldn't fix it, so I just removed the call to pipe.php.  So for now, ticket creation is only possible through the form. I've actually been moving towards this setup as a preference anyhow, because I find it extremely helpful to have a customer's phone number and because email can be so unreliable at times. That said, this also interferes with the osTicket threading having no email functionality so it remains to be seen how this new setup works out. 

    Thanks again!
  • You could setup IMAP or POP email collection.   Thats what we've used for years (since we didn't want to setup a Linux mail server to be able to pipe)
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    Thanks I'll check that out.  Does that somehow also allow for ticket creation via email? I thought the only way to do that was by pipe.
  • Yes.  Clients (Users) can email the email address you setup [and have osTicket fetch] and it will create tickets.  Pretty much the only difference between piping and fetching [IMAP/POP] is that piping is real time, and fetching is scheduled. 
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    Great! So is that on your own server or via GMail or some other email service?  Also, when you say scheduled, do you have a CRON to fetch and if so, what's the frequency?  Thanks again for all the help on this!
  • I administer a couple different production and test environments of osTicket currently.  Three production and three test. That being said the important ones are:

    Prod1 (four emails collecting) and Prod2 (one email collecting) are collecting email from Exchange365, both of these were formerly collecting mail from an internal Exchange server for several years prior to our migration. Prod1 and Prod2 fetch frequency is currently set to 2 minutes, with 10 emails per fetch.

    Prod3 collects email from a gmail account, and fetch frequency is set to 5 minutes with 10 emails per fetch.

    Your fetch frequency and the emails per fetch are both configurable and you will want to see what works best for you based on your average volume.  example: If you are getting 100 emails per hour on average then collecting 10 emails every 2 minutes is fine [max would be 300].  But if you are getting 1000 emails per hour then obviously 10 emails every two minutes isn't enough.

    Yes, we have a cron (or windows task scheduler) job run the cron.php file included with osTicket.

  • Cool, thanks! We don't get many support tickets (if I was receiving anywhere near 1000 emails an hour, I'd go insane, yikes!). I'll see if I can get something setup.  Thanks again!
  • Very welcome.  The docs on how to do it are at: 

    If you get stuck let me know. (note there is a gmail section in there!)
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