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Custom Field Issue

edited November 20 in Suggestions and Feedback
Board and Environment fields list a numeric code, which previously listed the corresponding string value (Board 7 corresponds to XYZ, for example). Now, the string value is no longer included with the numeric code for Board and Environment (see attachment). I want include both numeric code and corresponding string value in both of these fields. How to solve it?



  • pripri
    edited November 20

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  • pripri
    edited November 20
    Please find attachment for version information of osticket.
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  • I'm not real sure what you are asking.  Can you provide steps to replicate the issue so that I can try to replicate it before I report this to the devs? 
  • First I had insert Board field in custom list and then this field add in ticket details. When I create ticket and export that page, export csv file gives only numeric value in Board field, Not give string value of "Board Field" that i had selected while creating ticket.
  • I have made changes in that ajax.forms.php file but issue is not resolved
  • ntozier, please help me for this issue. I am still facing that problem.
  • Can you provide steps to replicate the issue so that I can try to replicate it before I report this to the devs? 

    Are you using a list or a choices field?

    screen shots?
  • edited December 8
    I have seen this behavior in old pull request that was merged:
    Maybe this point someone in the right direction to understand why this happens and if there is a way to make it work..
  • First I added board list in custom list of osticket and then add this board field in the ticket detail of custom form. When I create a ticket by adding board name which is in that custom list, ticket is created. But when I export the tickets then I can't see board name in the board column in export file. I can see only the id number. Similarly it is happen with environment field.
  • pripri
    edited December 12
    We are using list. Added 13 items in the list. Please find attachment.
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