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ticket hi-jacking ...

Unfortunately we have some agents claiming a ticket while an other agent is still working on it.
I know, we should educate our agents, but, it still happens and I don't like it.

Is there a possibility to prevent claiming while a ticket is already assigned ?
And, for example, allow only admins or group-leaders to re-assign ?



  • I think you would have to make modifications to core in order to accomplish this behaviour
  • I'm not aware that osTicket has such an education feature ;-)

    But you can restrict access to ticket with different departments.
    When every agent is in a seperate departement they can't reach the other tickets.
    But you have to use then different mail adresses or aliases for the different departements in order to that the ticket are assigned automatically to the departements.

    Or you can restrict the agents that they can't assign tickets. Then a manager must assign the tickets and they can only work with the tickets they get from the manager.
  • Ummm... How are your agents "claiming" the ticket?
    If the ticket is assigned to someone then the "Claim" option in the drop down disappears.
    Sounds like a work flow issue.

    Alternatively you could try like mfelber suggests and remove the "assign" permission from their Role.
  • by answering to a ticket while it is assigned to an other agent ...
    After that the ticket is owned by the last agent who answered ...
  • You could disable "Claim on Response" to prevent this:

  • That can be done, but I want to prevent other agents to reply to a ticket that is not theirs ...
  • edited November 2017
    The only other setting that I know which makes it a bit harder for an agent to unintentionally "steal" tickets is the setting direct below "Exclude assigned tickets from open queue".

    If they steal further ticket, than you could assume that this is done intentionally and when this is the case you don't have a chance. They could also use the account from someone other and you will never know that they did that.

    And then this is a human problem which can't be solved by software..
  • You can call it intentionally, you can call it ignorance, or just plain stupidity ...
    It happens occasionally and I am trying to stop it ...

    btw, claim on response does not have the wanted result, agents can still respond and on initial response I get an unclaimed reponse on a ticket ...
  • Are you sure? There is an option to prevent this:

    But this seems not to work as expected. I get no lock if somebody views already the ticket. At least in my osTicket installation (1.10.1, PHP 5.6.31, MariaDB v1.10.1, Timezone correct interpreted as CET (Interpreted as Europe/Berlin) and correct time shown when queried by "select now()"  .

    The help tip is missing too for that and therefore I'm not sure how it is meant. This could indicate the function is new and not used so often. Maybe nobody has noticed that before and we have found a bug. I guess a developer like @JediKev find that's interesting and will have a look at it when he has some time for this..
  • This is still a big issue here,
    I would like to see that the "reply" option is only availiable to the ticket owner.
    And transferring a ticket to an other owner is limited to the owner, groupleaders and administrators.

  • Hi Micke1101,

    I installed this nice plugin almost 3 months ago now and it works as described.
    BUT, some ******* ignorant agents just say "oh, I did not understand that ..." GRRRRR

    Just disabling the "reply" option if someone is NOT the owner would solve it


    Check this file and search for all occurences of 
    and change them to
    $role->hasPerm(TicketModel::PERM_REPLY) && (!$ticket->isAssigned() || $ticket->getStaffId() == $thisstaff->getId())
  • Thanks Micke1101

    I applied this changes in that file and it seems to do what I think is neccesary, starting a test period, let you know.

  • Hi Micke1101,

    during testing we noticed that some people still where able to post while they where not "assigned" ..
    The issue is in that closed tickets where still showing the reply options for any agent ...

    I changed the code a bit :

    $role->hasPerm(TicketModel::PERM_REPLY) && ((!$ticket->isAssigned() || $ticket->getStaffId() == $thisstaff->getId()) && !$ticket->isClosed())

    Hopefully this will close the holes ..
    If someone has a better suggestion, feel free.

  • The only issue I see is you'll never be able to reply to a closed ticket then.
  • you should be able te reopen it and reply after it is reopened
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