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Advanced search date displays closed date in "Date created" column

edited November 2017 in Suggestions and Feedback
When I sort tickets  using advanced search with "created date", then searched result table shows 'closed date' as well for closed tickets in "Date created " column. There should be a created date for all tickets. 



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  • pripri
    edited November 2017
    Please find the attachment.
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  • Your images show you changing you sorting a column: Date Created. So I don't follow your logic...
  • I search ticket in advance search by created. But it shows the closed date of ticket in created date column inspite of created date. Please help to solve this issue.
  • I do not see any issue to solve.
  • The Date Created column displays the Closed Date for tickets with Status as Closed or Resolved, also it is observed for tickets with Intermediate Statuses like In Process, In Development , the Date Created column displays the Last Message Date; hence when we sort by Date Created it is not the actual date created but these are different dates displayed as per Ticket Status - as explained above. 
    Can you please help us here.
  • @pri This is a known issue that we are working on fixing. Please follow our Pull Requests and Issues on Github for further updates. Cheers.
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