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someone help me please!!

How do I make when a user creates a ticket, the alert email is sent to all agents and system administrator?? @ntozier


  • edited November 2017
    It's likely that you can't.

    Presuming that you have setup email then New ticket alerts can be sent to:
    Department Manager
    Department Membners
    Organization Account Member

    So if a ticket is opened in Deparment Foo.  And you have Agents (staff) that are not members of that department then those agents would not receive an alert for a ticket being opened that they do not have access to.

    Also alerts can be overridden by Department settings.

    You would control your Alerts and Notices at:
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Alerts and Notices.

    You would also make sure that the department settings aren't overriding the notices by looking at the department settings at: Admin panel -> Agents -> Departments.

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