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Limit "date" selection on new form

Is it possible to limit what dates can be chosen on a form with a date field? (Latest release of osTicket)

We have a "new hire" form that our HR department has to fill out on osTicket. The form includes a "Start Date" field. Is there any way, out of the box, to limit the dates that can be chosen? We require 7 days notice for new hire user creation and want to prevent them from choosing a date shorter than 7 days out.


  • This is not a feature in osTicket at this time. However you could add a information field and add that says "We require 7 days notice for new hire user creation.  Please keep that in mind when you select the start date.  Requests that are not given 7 days notice will likely not be processed in time."
  • Alright, fair enough. I doubt it's enough of a general want to turn it into a feature request - so we'll do the field, and worst comes to worst, I can have one of our IS people work out a modification for it. If we end up going that route I'll make sure the modification gets submitted up to you guys in some fashion, in case you want to include it in future releases/have it available for others.

    Thanks ntozier!
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