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erro 504

every time I create a ticket this error appears. How can I fix it? Please!



  • I would say your server has problems. Maybe network problems or high process load. You should investigate what’s going there. This seem to be no osTicket related problem.
  • My guesses are:
    1. you are running nginx which is not a supported webserver for osTicket at this time.  
    Fix 1: switch to Apache.  
    Fix 2: go to read the many issue report nginx threads and re-configure your nginx to work that way it needs to.

    2. that SELinux or mod_security are preventing the server from doing what it is supposed to do.
    You can test this by disabling them. (make sure you re-enable them afterwards!!! and that you write custom rules for them to make things work.)
  • I suspected that. and I think the internet connection is slow! but hearing different opinions is always good! 

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