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DB ERROR #1146

I'm getting this on the newest version 1.10.1   fresh install
when I do advance search..see below  
ost_user__cdata'  does not exist in mysql?!    then I can't bring up the website again error 500

[SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT A1.`ticket_id` FROM `ost_ticket` A1 JOIN `ost_user` A2 ON (A1.`user_id` = A2.`id`) LEFT JOIN `ost_user__cdata` A3 ON (A2.`id` = A3.`user_id`) WHERE A3.`building` IN ('Admin')) __]

Table 'OSTICKET18.ost_user__cdata' doesn't exist<br />
<br />
---- Backtrace ----<br />
#0 (root)/include/mysqli.php(204): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1146', '[SELECT COUNT(*...')<br />
#1 (root)/include/class.orm.php(3133): db_query('SELECT COUNT(*)...', true, true)<br />
#2 (root)/include/class.orm.php(3189): MySqlExecutor->execute()<br />
#3 (root)/include/class.orm.php(2644): MySqlExecutor->getRow()<br />
#4 (root)/include/class.orm.php(1193): MySqlCompiler->compileCount(Object(QuerySet))<br />
#5 (root)/scp/tickets.php(423): QuerySet->count()<br />
#6 {main}


  • I would avoid using osticket with mysql 5.7. The releases before are working better with osticket.

    Also don't install osticket 1.10.x with a language pack. Add the language pack after the install process.
    The language packs are not ready to use for installing osticket 1.10.x
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