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Duplicate tickets from monitoring system

Hi Guys, 

I've recently setup our monitoring system to send out alerts and notifications directly to our osticket system so that it can create a ticket for every fault that it detects. So far this has been working well and we're managing to catch a lot of problems before it affects any major parts of our network. 

The problem I'm now having is that our monitoring system will send out constant notifications if the problem hasn't been resolved within a certain time frame. Which is good, it's what we want to have for our monitoring system but how do I then get osticket to recognize that there is already an open ticket with the exact same subject line as the tickets that our monitoring system is creating? I basically want to be able to tell osticket that yes, there is an existing ticket with the exact same subject line and that there is no need to open another ticket. 

This is particularly problematic if something starts sending out notifications over night. We are greeted with a number of open tickets before we even start the day.


  • osTicket tries to determine if emails belong to an existing ticket by checking message-id first and tries to compare it to existing message-ids.  Then it checks the reference-id and in-reply-to.  Lastly if all else fails it checks the message subject for the ticket [#number] to see if it matches an existing ticket.

    Since none of these things are true, it results in a new ticket.

    I cannot think of a way to change this behavior for your use case.
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