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Missing Tickets

edited October 2017 in General Discussions
I have now had several tickets that cannot be found either in open or closed status. If I look in the database, I can see the missing tickets but I cannot see the ticket in osTicket even if I search on the ticket number. What could have happened to prevent me from seeing these tickets? If a ticket status is changed to resolved instead of closed, shouldn't it still be visible with the open tickets?  


  • This does not appear to be a suggestion or feedback.  Moving to general discussion.

    I would presume that the tickets are assigned to the department that your Agent Account doesn't have access to.
  • I think the problem is I did not have the user assigned to a department and therefore the default assign to, did not work. Where might these orphaned tickets end up?
  • edited October 2017
    They end up in the default department. (unless you have Help Topics that put them some where else)
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