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UI Popup when there is an update to a ticket

Hi there,

Is there a way I can generate some sort of modal to pop up when there is an update to an existing open thread. 

I.e. end user sends a mail, ticket is opened.  Agent replies, then continues working. When the user replies, I need to somehow draw attention to the fact that the ticket has been updated. Either change line colour/bold or popup. Any suggestions?


  • This is not currently a feature of osTicket at this time. 

    You could probably achieve something like this by editing the code files.  I have no idea how you would achieve this though.

    I hear that there is a plan for real time alerts in the future (but I would think that would be post the 2.0 release which I dont have a date for).
  • I was actually looking into something like this a while ago and should be possible with a plugin and SSE, i think the only problem i had was that i don't want to send to much data.
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