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Can't change "To better serve you, we encourage our Clients to register for an account."

edited October 2017 in Suggestions and Feedback
I want to change this text that displays on the sign-in page.  I have found this string in both \include\i18n\en_US\templates\page\banner-client.yaml and /include/client/

I don't understand yet how osTicket handles text strings but it seems that calls the variable from the language file banner-client.yaml, as I'd expect.

However, editing this string in the yaml file is having no effect whatsoever!  I have also tried overwriting it directly in but still there is no change to the page.  Yes I've been hard-refreshing and viewing in a different browser and other changes I make take effect, but I cannot change this string.  Please help.

Edit:  Seriously??  I had to change it in the database because it had already been preloaded on installation??    Thank you github for the answer but that's a horrible horrible way of doing it.


  • SORRY!!!!!!!!!  I take that back but it's too late to edit my post.  Everything I wanted to edit but couldn't find is in Admin > Settings > Users, in a little tab I hadn't seen called Templates.  Quite why email templates are here instead of with the other email templates and mixed in with some page content templates I'm not entirely sure.  But they're here and I found them just as soon as I'd stopped looking for them....
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