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[resolved] Update Company Profile


I am trying to customize our instance of osTicket but when I go to Settings>Company>Basic Information all I get is:
Company Information:Details available in email templates

Any idea how I can edit information like the company name and such?  I am new to this so I could be missing a step, any help will be appreciated.

Attached are a screen shot of what I see and the system info.


  • You should see several fields when you go there.  And several tabs that you can see other information also.

    There doesn't not appear to be a screen shot attached.
  • Trying to attach files again.
  • Go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms
    Click on Company Information

    What fields do you have there?
    You should have:
    Company Name:
    Phone Number: 

    If you do not that is probably the problem.  If you do see them then click on the Config button for each and then click on Settings.  Ensure that the field is Visible and Editable for Agents.
  • That was it, thank you so much for the assistance!
  • Very welcome!  

    I'll close this thread and mark it resolved, but please do not hesitate to start a new thread if you have any other issues.
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