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Default email template can't be edited

Hi All,

Im having problems with the email template.
I want to remove the osTicket image in the email template. tried to remove via control panel and editing the source code but can't remove it.
Appreciate your feedback.

osTicket - v1.9.12


  • SS of what i did but doesn't reflect in the SCP panel.
  • Email templates only affect email. To change the scp you'll need to use the admin panel -> Settings -> Logos tool. Or the site pages tool under Manage -> Pages
  • Thank you for your inputs Grizly.
    What i want to do is remove the Powerby osTicker logo inside the email template.
  • Huh, never noticed that before.
    It's in the default template. If you edit the templates, it gets rid of it.
  • I have tried editing the template both C-panel and source code. I don't see any changes in the C-panel after edit.
  • The email templates are editable from the Admin section of the staff page.

    Admin -> Emails -> Templates

    Only the staff related templates have the logo at the bottom. i.e those in the Ticket Agent Email Templates section.

  • Here's the thing:

    1. tried editing in Admin > Emails > Templates, not successful. 
    2. tried editing source codes of the templates found in include > i18n > en_US > templates > email, not successful.
    3. tripled checked templates in admin panel if edited source codes are identical in <> mode, not identical/still the same output.

    I don't know why it does not reflect, did I miss something? 
  • The source templates are only used to install them into the database. Hence, change it via the Admin settings and it overrides it. There's a few though, so don't miss any out. You can also use custom template sets for each department, so make sure you're getting any custom sets as well.
  • odd, yes I'd look at making a new template set (a clone of the defaults) and then confirming the department is set to use that new template set.

    If you don't edit anything then it really doesn't add anything to the database, it knows to use the original instead.

    If you are looking directly at the database you can find these in the ost_email_template table.

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